Flameshield Fireduct for Stair Pressurisation

The Flameshield Fireduct is an ideal system to specify in critical means of escape uses such as stair pressurisation systems where you need to guarantee integrity.

Pressurisation is a method of preventing smoke penetration into certain critical areas of the building by maintaining higher air pressure in these areas than in adjacent areas. This applies specifically to protected stairways and corridors as smoke hinders escape routes.

As the air supply creating the pressurisation must be maintained for the duration of the fire, fire dampers cannot be used within the ducting. The ducting should be tested to type A fire outside criteria.

The following requirements are expected from pressurisation ductwork:

  • Maintaining their air supply to critical areas for the duration of the fire
  • Fire dampers cannot be used
  • Compartmentation is necessary and must be maintained with fire rated ductwork
  • A dedicated room is essential for a pressurization plant which is separated by a fire resistant enclosure of at least one hour, from other equipment
  • Must meet with the leakage criteria of an EN 1366 Part 1 (duct A, fire outside) test

Flameshield Products guarantee all of the above requirements – Flameshield Fireduct is perfect for use in Stair Pressurisation systems.