Gardner FRD are dedicated to providing professional and quality services and meet the most stringent standards.

Flameshield Fireduct is one of the few and leading fire rated ductwork to be fully tested and compliant for the new EN 1366 Parts 1 – 8 and 9 and EN 13501-3 A standards, alongside BS 476 Part 24 and ISO 6944 (1985), making it the default choice for all specifiers that want to ensure full compliance with fire safety standards and building codes.

Flameshield Fireduct is fully certified by the The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). LPCB certified products are specified world wide and recognised for their consistent conformity to required standards.

Specifiers selecting LPCB certified products can be sure that the product they select reduces fire safety risks and demonstrates the required due diligence both in manufacture and installation.

Gardner FRD is listed in Red Book Live.


BS 476 Part 24 (Cert No. 785A)

EN 1366 Parts 1 certificate no: 785d

EN 1366 Parts 8 certificate no: 785e

Health & Safety

It is the policy of the company to carry out all reasonably practicable measures to ensure the health and safety of all employees and sub-contractors and to prevent any damage to property as a result of our work operations. The company believes that all accidents and injuries can be prevented by implementation of its policy, which can be achieved by complying with statutory regulations and actively promoting a positive attitude to all aspects of health, safety and welfare by all employees.

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Gardner FRD is committed to continual improvement of our environmental performance.

Our non-coated system is easily recyclable and it’s process forgoes SIX stages of energy consumption (compared to traditional coated ductwork), greatly reducing it’s impact on the environment both now and in the future.

Read our Environmental policy statement (pdf)
Read our Carbon reduce certification summary


Gardner FRD expects that all of its business is conducted in compliance with high ethical standards of business practice. We apply these standards to all dealings with employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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The continuing policy of Gardner FRD is to provide a high quality, professional and efficient service to ensure the satisfaction of all of the requirements of our clients. This achievement will result in securing efficiency, a strong customer focus and enhancement of long-term sustainability and profitability within the Organisation.

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Information Security

Gardner FRD has become increasingly dependent upon the availability and integrity of its computer based information and IT services for many aspects of design, research and administration. This makes it all the more essential to protect against the increasing risks facing the IT systems and infrastructure which form the basis of these essential services.

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