Gardner FRD completes work at Newfoundland (Canary Wharf)

Gardner FRD completes work at Newfoundland (Canary Wharf)

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Gardner FRD recently completed work at Newfoundland (Canary Wharf) supplying and installing the Fire Rated Smoke ventilation ductwork systems within both the basement and roof areas with interfaces with the DRME system, to supply and install the daily ventilation systems to both the plant areas and the corridors.

Gardner FRD were working for main contractor Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd and Mechanical & Electrical Contractor Briggs & Forrester Ltd. We recently received the following feedback from Trevor Nokes, Briggs & Forrester’s Senior Project Manager:

All throughout the process from start to finish, they have been working to a high standard and professionalism as to be expected from a major contractor within the Fire Rated ductwork installation sector.

Whenever a issue arose (as they do on all projects) they were on hand to both assist with and advise on solutions to a particular issue which is testament to their commitment to providing the required levels of interaction not only from a site level but also from there Project Managers, Designers and Directors levels.

All the way through the Pre Construction, Construction and Commissioning processes at
Newfoundland Alan Moore kept an open door policy and interest in the project so if we needed to discuss items that required a more senior input he was always receptive of the communication. I look forward to working with Alan and his team that worked on Newfoundland on future upcoming projects.

Trevor Nokes
Senior Project Manager
Briggs & Forrester Living


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